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2016-2017 Leadership Team

Mei-Hung Chiu (2018)
National Taiwan Normal University

Barbara Crawford (2019)
University of Georgia

Immediate Past President
Mary M. Atwater (2017))
The University of Georgia

Executive Director
William C. Kyle, Jr. (2017)
University of Missouri - St. Louis

Executive Board Members:

Lynn Dierking (2019)
Oregon State University

Alicia C. Alonzo (2018)
Michigan State University

Marian Rivera Maulucci (2019)
Barnard College

Katherine McNeill (2019)
Boston College

Alicia C. Alonzo (2018)
Michigan State University

Nam-Hwa Kang (2018)
Korea National University of Education (KNUE)

Eileen Carlton Parsons (2018)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Gregory Kelly (2017)
Pennsylvania State University

Jomo W. Mutegi (2017)
Indiana University, IUPUI

Tali Tal (2017)
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

International Coordinator
Lucy Avraamidou (2019) University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Graduate Student Representative
Selina L. Bartels (2017)
Illinois Institute of Technology

NARST Liaison to NSTA
Deborah Hanuscin (2015)
University of Missouri

NSTA Representative
John W. Tillotson (2017)
Syracuse University

JRST Editors (term ends 2020)
Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dana L. Zeidler
University of South Florida-Tampa Bay

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