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Message from the NARST President-Elect
Lynn Bryan
Purdue University

Call for NARST Committee Member Volunteers

As President-elect, one of my responsibilities is to recommend to the NARST Executive Board the appointment of new committee members to the NARST Standing Committees. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage NARST members to considering applying for one of 40 committee positions that are available (see list of committee descriptions, terms, and openings at the end of this letter).

To apply for a Committee, please complete the information requested in the assignment request form: The form resides within the Members Only area, so you will be prompted to log in with your username and password. You will be asked to (1) provide contact and demographic information, (2) rank order up to three committee choices, (3) provide any additional information about your committee preferences and qualifications (up to 300 words), and (4) upload a two-page vita that highlights your scholarship, service to NARST and service to other professional organizations.

Participation in committee assignments is one of the best ways to get involved in NARST and to influence decisions and policies. Details about each Committee's charge and other information may be found in the NARST Policy and Procedures Manual, which is available on our website,, under the left-side tab "About NARST".

Committee members must be NARST members in good standing. Committee appointments are for 2 or 3 years, depending on the committee. The goal is to have the composition of the committees reflect the diversity of the NARST membership. Members worldwide and at all points in their career (including those in graduate programs) are encouraged to apply.

Those appointed to a committee are expected to attend each NARST Annual International Conference for the duration of the appointment. At the annual meeting, each Committees will meet at least one morning at 7 AM (with a free continental breakfast that you can take into your meeting room). Some Committees meet also for the second day. Information about the Committee meetings will be posted in the NARST Annual International Conference Schedule at a Glance (posted on the website each year) and in the Conference Program. Committee members should plan to provide input during the meeting and contribute throughout the year in a timely fashion, as all committees have meaningful work to do in advancing the mission of our organization.

Serving on a committee is a serious responsibility, but one in which you will learn about your committee's focus, the work within the organization, and our greater efforts to improve science education worldwide. Those of us who have served NARST on committees can attest that the rewarding camaraderie and networking opportunities formed with others on a committee. I hope that you will consider applying for one of the openings.

The deadline for application is Friday, February 22, 2013 at 12:00 noon EST.

If you have any questions related to service on committees, please feel free to email me at


Equity & Ethics Committee: 3-year term (Openings = 3)
The Equity and Ethics Committee provides leadership and guidance to the organization on issues of equity and ethics including, but not limited to, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disabling conditions, sexual orientations, language, national origin and religion.

External Policy & Relations Committee: 3-year term (Openings = 3)
The External Policy and Relations Committee (EPRC) works to support increased awareness among NARST members about national and international policy issues relevant to science education. These efforts include supporting a process for developing NARST position papers based on research. These position papers should be based on current and innovative findings and would be distributed to the membership, policymakers, and the community-at-large. Note that these position papers may not necessarily reflect a unified position for NARST, but they are meant instead to add information from various perspectives of science education research. These papers would assist policymakers and the public-at-large to make more informed decisions. The Committee also works on efforts related to fostering the development of partnerships and collaborations with professional organizations and groups concerned with the quality of science teaching and learning.

International Committee: 3-year term with 2/3 of the members needing to be international (Openings = 3)
The International Committee organizes various activities including, but not limited to, Committee sponsored seminars at the NARST Annual International Conference and at biennial meetings of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA), a scholarship program, and a Linking Science Educators Program (LSEP).

Membership & Election Committee: 3-year term (Openings = 3)
The Membership and Elections Committee (M&E) recruits members to NARST and ensures that the organization is responsive to the ongoing needs of the membership. The M&E Committee seeks new members from a variety of backgrounds and retains active members by soliciting interest in committee membership throughout the organization as well as in being considered for elected offices. In addition to developing a recommended slate for annual elections, the Committee's concern includes recruitment, retention, and responsiveness of the organization to members' interests.

Research Committee: 3-year term (Openings = 3)
The Research Committee develops, organizes and/or implements various professional development activities for the NARST membership, including special research-focused pre-conference workshops at the Annual International Conference and research reviews and research-oriented documents specifically designed for internal use and member benefit; conceptualizes, develops, and disseminates reviews of research and white papers on appropriate topics; and supports the work of the NARST Liaison to NSTA. The NARST Liaison to NSTA is responsible for coordinating NARST-sponsored sessions at NSTA conventions. The Research Committee supports this work of the NARST Liaison to NSTA by helping to review and select presentations.

Publications Advisory Committee: 3-year term (Openings = 3)
The Publications Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity for all NARST–sponsored publications, including JRST, position papers, and research–practice documents. The Chair is Editor for E-NARST News, a publication that is produced twice each year for NARST membership and serves as a way to inform the membership about activities of the organization. The PAC coordinates publication efforts with the External Policy and Relations Committee and Research Committee, which involves recommending policy, as well as overseeing the development and dissemination of publications specifically designed for use by media, policymakers, education officials, teachers, and other professional organizations.

Awards Committee (please specify a Selection Committee in your application if you have a preference)
The Awards Committee will (a) oversee the work of the Award Selection Committees that solicit nominations and select winners for each of the NARST awards; (b) discuss issues related to equity and efficiency in the selection process, and the appropriateness of the award considering the NARST mission; and (c) if necessary, recommend changes in awards or procedures to the Board of Directors.

Award Selection Committees: 3-year terms

NARST Outstanding Paper Award (Openings = 6)

Outstanding Doctoral Research Award (Openings = 4)

Early Career Research Award (Openings = 3)

Distinguished Contributions Through Research Award (Openings = 2)

JRST Award (Openings = 7)


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