NARST International Committee Scholarships

NARST International Committee Scholarships

2020 Linking Science Education Program (LSEP) Award

The NARST International Committee invites applications for the Linking Science Education Program (LSEP), an initiative designed to contribute to improvement of science education in countries interested in science education reform. The application deadline is February 1, 2020

The Linking Science Educators (LSEP) program is an initiative designed to contribute to the improvement of science education in countries interested in science education reform. In particular, the program intends to support representatives from countries that are either economically disadvantaged (e.g., UNDP Human Development Index 0.80 or below) or educationally disadvantaged countries (e.g., low financial support towards science education with respect to their gross national product for education).  However, the LSEP award can also be awarded to researchers and science education practitioners who seek to implement new ideas on science educational reform in their countries, but cannot attain enough financial support. 

The LSEP program seeks to act as a catalyst whereby NARST members contribute their expertise and experiences in theory and in practice to people in different countries by participating as a resource-individual. The LSEP program supports economy round-trip airfare for resource-individuals (who must be NARST members) and the host country is expected to provide the cost for the resource person’s stay and for expenses for the proposed activities (e.g., conference, workshop, seminar, or other activity). 

Countries that are involved in science education reform are encouraged to submit a proposal for the LSEP program via the chairpersons of their science education association, or other recognized bodies in the country, to the NARST International Coordinator/International Committee Chair.

Applications will be evaluated using an evaluation rubric. Applicants are encouraged to be familiar with the rubric as it describes the main criteria that will be used in the evaluation of the applications.


Up to $5000 will awarded this year for the LSEP.

Application process:

The deadline for applications is February 1, 2020. Please send all the application materials to the International Coordinator Sonya Martin at 

You can download the application form and additional information below.