NARST PhD Scholarships for 2021 SAARMSTE Research School

NARST PhD Scholarships for 2021 SAARMSTE Research School

International Committee Scholarships for 2021 (Virtual) Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE) Research School

Application deadline is April 25, 2021


The NARST International Committee is offering two scholarships to support attendance of PhD students at the 2021 SAARMSTE Research School. NARST members are encouraged to apply. 

As part of its increased focus on international communication and collaboration, NARST will be funding two doctoral students to participate in this virtual doctoral school. The main purpose of the funding is to support the learning experiences of science education doctoral students by providing an opportunity to meet with science education researchers and peers from other parts of the world.

The research school will be hosted by Walter Sisulu University, Eastern Cape, South Africa over the following dates: July 5 – 30, 2021. Participants will virtually attend one plenary and one small group meeting a week over a three-week period. More information on the school can be found here:


The three eligibility requirements detailed below will be used to evaluate applications and select two awardees. The evaluation rubric attached to this announcement outlines the criteria that will be used in the evaluation of the applications.

  1. NARST Membership: You or faculty members representing your institution have been NARST members for at least 2 years. Proof of membership is required upon application submission.
  2. PhD candidate: You must present proof that you are currently registered as a candidate in a recognized PhD or equivalent program at your institution.
  3. Letters of Recommendation: Two brief letters of recommendation are required.


Two scholarships awarded will be awarded this year. The scholarship will cover the cost for registration and student membership in SAARMSTE.

Application process

  1. Complete the attached Scholarship Application Form, including the Personal Information page and Personal Statement.
  2. Attach:
    1. proof of NARST membership,
    2. proof of enrollment in a doctoral study program, and
    3. 2 brief letters of recommendation.
  3. Submit the application package (PDFs or docs) to the NARST International Committee via email at by April 25, 2021.

Questions? Contact the NARST International Committee at

The deadline of application is April 25, 2021.

Selection Process

The NARST International Committee will follow a selection process that adheres to the criteria outlined in the Scholarship Application Rubric posted with this announcement. The proposals will be evaluated by a sub-committee with the use of this evaluation rubric.  Awardees will be notified in late April and asked to provide SAARMSTE with a brief summary of their PhD research.