Call for Nominations for the 2022 Keynote Speaker

Call for Nominations for the 2022 Keynote Speaker

Dear NARST Members:

Please help us select a NARST 2022 Conference Keynote Speaker!

Call for the 2022 Keynote Speaker:

We enthusiastically request NARST members’ nominations for an individual to serve as the Keynote Speaker for the 2022 International NARST Conference, themed: Unity and Inclusion for Global Scientific Literacy: Invite as a Community. Unite as a Community.  We strive to have someone who will not only demonstrate their research and work related to this theme but will also educate and equip conference attendees on key insights that enhance their professional endeavors. Who do you think is the right person for this job? We want to know!

Our conference for 2022 will be in hybrid form. Keynote speaker(s) may participate in person or virtually.

Qualifications for Ideal Candidates:

  • The speaker should be nationally/internationally renowned.
  • The speaker should be or have been a researcher or someone who has led notable efforts in which research has been central.
  • The speaker should be or have been involved in science education or related efforts.
  • The speaker must be able to speak to one or more aspects of the conference theme.
  • The speaker should be a dynamic, engaging, and effective presenter for a diverse and  international audience.

Nomination Process:

To nominate someone for the 2022 Keynote, please complete the “Keynote Nomination Form” that is linked to this call. Nominators must be able to provide information about their nominee that specifically addresses the espoused qualifications, including sufficient evidence (e.g., one or more links to other keynotes, presentations, articles, projects, etc.) that demonstrate the nominee’s capacity to meet the request. Self-nominations are permissible.

The Keynote Nomination Form seeks the following information:

  • Nominator Information (Title, Name, Contact Information, Institution).
  • Nominee Information (Title, Name, Contact Information, Institution, Research Areas).
  • A 250-500 description of why the nominee should serve as the keynote and how they meet the requested qualifications.
  • Link to the nominee’s online professional information (e.g., institutional profile, LinkedIn, personal website).
  • Evidence that illustrates the appropriateness of the nominee to serve as a keynote for the 2022 conference (e.g., links to speeches, articles, projects, etc.).

Keynote Nomination forms are due: September 15th by 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Selection Process:

Upon receiving these nominations, the 2022 Keynote Working Group will review and rank the applications submitted. Nominees will be ranked based on the evidence gathered from the forms concerning the specified qualifications (e.g., internationally/nationally renowned, researcher or researched-informed notable efforts, involvement in science education, relation to the theme, demonstrated evidence) and the frequency of nominations for individuals, maintaining a specific emphasis on the speaker’s appropriateness for the theme and capacity to effectively and dynamically engage the audience. Additionally, the working group will establish communication with the top nominees to determine availability and affordability before providing a list of recommendations to the President for the final decision.

We are excited to pilot this process for the 2022 International NARST conference and look forward to receiving and reviewing your nominations.


José Pavez, PhD (c)
Eli Tucker-Raymond, PhD
Amanda Berry, PhD
2022 Program Committee – Keynote Working Group