Roommate Finder Service for Graduate Students

Roommate Finder Service for Graduate Students

Dear Graduate Student,

In light of the 2022 NARST Annual Meeting being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, and to help you manage the cost of the conference, the NARST Graduate Student Committee has three resources. 

First, there is a roommate finder to assist in helping you locate a roommate(s). In order to facilitate this process, we created a google form located here. We suggest you complete this form by February 28, 2022. After completing the form, you will have access to the spreadsheet to contact potential roommates. The committee will not connect individuals, so you must use the spreadsheet to identify and contact individuals.  You can also connect with other graduate students in the Roommate Finder Slack channel here. This link will be functional until 07/28/2021. If you need an updated link please email us at

The Committee will not be monitoring this service, we implore you therefore to be mindful of social etiquette, be respectful of personal privacy, and be professional and courteous in all of your communication. Additionally, the NARST GSC does not hold responsibility (financially or otherwise) for any issues or concerns that may arise from sharing a room. We are only providing an online space to assist in the process of connecting graduate students with each other to find potential roommates.

Second, we will be sending a call for proposals for the NARST graduate student symposium in the fall. This symposium highlights graduate student work. So start thinking now about your proposals!

Third, we will provide Travel Awards to four graduate students for $500.00 to help offset the cost of attending the conference. More information about this will be forthcoming.

Should you have further inquiries, please email us at

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On behalf of The 2021-2022 Graduate Student Committee

Theila Smith (chair)

Jordan Henley (co-chair)

Andrea Ellis

Sandhya Krishnan