Call for Nominations to NARST Board of Directors

Call for Nominations to NARST Board of Directors

Dear NARST Members:

We take great pleasure in announcing the opening of the 2020-2021 elections for leadership positions for NARST: A Worldwide Organization for Improving Science Teaching and Learning through Research.  Following the NARST 2016 Bylaws, current members of NARST are encouraged to nominate potential candidates for offices by following a simple nomination procedure (see below).  Three NARST Directors-at-Large, President-Elect and one Graduate Student Coordinator will be elected (see NARST 2016 Bylaws for position information). We invite you to help us advance and improve NARST by soliciting the participation of dedicated and effective leaders. This letter provides the basic information about the election process and encourages you to nominate yourself or qualified colleagues for offices.

Nomination Procedure

According to the Bylaws, the nomination process begins by members (nominators) generating a petition nominating a potential candidate (themselves or another NARST member).  The petition, formal letter or email message, should include a brief statement of support for the prospective candidate and the signatures of at least ten (10) Association members in support of the nomination. The Bylaws read:

“Association members may offer potential nominees for consideration by the Elections Committee by forwarding a petition to the Chairs of the Elections Committee. Each petition must be signed by at least ten (10) Association members” (NARST Bylaws, February 2016, Article IV, Section 9).

In accordance with the Bylaws, please take note of the following requirements:

  • Candidates for all positions must be current and active NARST Members.
  • Candidates should be members with an outstanding research record.
  • Candidates for President-Elect must have served previously on the Board and have been a member of the Association for a minimum of ten (10) years. A candidate for President-Elect who has not served on the Board, but who has been a member of the Association for a minimum of ten (10) years, must submit a brief statement of support with the signatures of at least ten (10) other members in support of the nomination (NARST Bylaws, February 2016, Article IV, Section 5).

How to Complete and Submit a Nomination Packet:

Each nominator will assemble and deliver the following materials to the NARST Executive Director, who will forward the information to the Elections committee.  The Executive Director will only forward complete packets received by 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday, June 28, 2020. The Elections Committee is charged with assessing all submitted nominees’ materials in order to advance a recommended slate of potential candidates to the NARST Board of Directors for approval. The NARST membership will vote for candidates on the Board-approved slate. The packet submitted by nominators should include the following:

  1. A letter of nomination. This letter is written by the nominator, addressing qualifications of the nominee for President-elect and a Director-at-Large
  2. Documents indicated in the Nomination Packet Guidelines.  The Nomination Packet Guidelines document is available in the NARST Handbook.
  3. Ten written endorsements (can be brief emails from ten NARST members in support of the nomination) [Bylaws, Article IV, Section 9].

All election documents are in the NARST Handbook.

Nominators, please send the completed nomination packet electronically to:

NARST Executive Director

Helen Schneider
Schneider Group

Due date for complete packets: June 28, 2020, 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Expectations of Eventual Candidates

Eventual candidates (those included on the elections slate) are expected to adhere to NARST policies and regulations, including the NARST Election Campaign policy (see below), which prohibits campaigning, and the NARST Conflict of Interest policy, which requires the disclosure of potential conflicts of interests.  These policies and others are included in the NARST Policies and Procedures Manual.

NARST Election Campaign Policy

NARST prohibits campaigning for all elections. The NARST publication of each candidate's biographical data, photo, and position statement shall be the total extent to which NARST members are informed about candidates for office. Any communication—oral, written, or electronic—sent by the candidate to all or a subset of members may announce only the names of all candidates for each office and the details of how and when to vote. Candidates whom the Board of Directors has determined to have violated this policy will be disqualified with the right to appeal.

2020-2021 Election Timeline

Activity Timeline
Call for Nominations May 2020
Deadline for nominators to submit completed nomination packets to the Executive Director June 28, 2020
11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Completed nomination packets uploaded for evaluation by Elections Committee July 2020
Elections Committee reviews nomination packets using assessment rubric, discusses and submits ratings of nominees August 2020
Elections Committee discusses and votes on nominees to determine a recommended slate of nominees August 2020
All nominees are contacted by the Election Committee Co-Chairs to confirm their continued willingness to run for office August 2020
Elections Co-Chairs submit recommended slate of nominees to the Board Liaison for presentation to Board for approval (included in annual Board Report) September 2020
Board votes on recommended slate of nominees to advance to candidacy October Board of Directors Meeting
NARST elections open January 2021
NARST elections closed February 2021


Procedure to Select Nominees for Slate of Candidates:

After the applications are received and checked for completion, the Elections Committee reviews the nominations in order to provide the membership with at least 2 qualified candidates per available position. The Committee uses the Assessment Rubric for Elections to review each nominee’s application packet. Four criteria are used: (a) research and publication record, (b) history of attendance and contributions at the annual international conference, (c) history of leadership in NARST, and (d) potential leadership in NARST. The Assessment Rubric is attached and is available on the NARST website. Upon reviewing the nominees' application packets, the nominees with highest combined rubric scores are selected for recommendation to the Board. After confirming their willingness to run for office, the Elections Committee Co-chairs will submit a recommended slate of at least two nominees for each open position to the Board Liaison who will present the slate to the NARST Board of Directors for approval to advance to candidacy

Thank you for your careful consideration and active participation in the nomination and election process.