NARST Virtual Writing Group Spring Schedule

NARST Virtual Writing Group Spring Schedule

Calling All NARST Grad Students!

This semester the NARST Graduate Student Committee is hosting virtual writing group sessions four times a week.  It is our hope that by gathering at  preplanned specific time(s) to write weekly we can hold each other and ourselves accountable to complete a few projects.  This is an opportunity to make an appointment with yourself to complete a writing project, work on your dissertation, write a conference proposal, work on a course paper, and/or finish that book chapter.  Please join us for as much time as you can as no time spent furthering your goals is time wasted.  Just think if you spent just two hours a week by the end of the semester you would have invested a total of 48 hours advancing your projects.

We'll start Tuesday January 21, 2020, so charge your laptop, find that file of unfinished manuscripts, set a cellphone reminder and let's get to work!  

Spring 2020 

Tue & Thur 8 AM - 11am est

Fri 3 pm - 5 pm est

Sat 1 pm - 3 pm est

 Please spread the word to all the NARST grad students you know! And follow us on Twitter using the hashtags #NARSTGrads and #WriteSciEd.