2021 NARST Fellows Award Nominations

2021 NARST Fellows Award Nominations

Dear NARST Members:

It is with great excitement that we announce the launching of a new Award opportunity: The NARST Fellows Award Program.

The NARST Fellows Program is an award program that honors and recognizes excellence in science education research and service. This program promotes and advances the NARST mission in science education, and the role of science education in the local and global community, by designating NARST members as Fellows. This program recognizes excellence in research and service that represents the full gamut of science education related work. Importantly, this award is intended to highlight the impact of research and service, bringing visibility and improving science education at the local, national and global level.

Who is a NARST Fellow? 

The NARST Fellow program is a NARST Award Committee effort that aims to recognize members who demonstrate significant research and service excellence in science education; that is, contributions and leadership in science education in formal and informal teaching and learning contexts through evidence of 

(a)  a research trajectory that exemplifies continuous research contributions  

(b) service to NARST, local, and global science education communities

(c)  impact of research in science education (e.g. engagement with important and urgent questions, robust dissemination, development of new ideas, peer reviewed publications in high impact journals, application of research via professional development, research to practice initiatives; use of creative and alternative research methodologies) 

(d) impact of service in science education (e.g. service to NARST, evidence of community-research participations; collaborations and service with schools and other community organizations, application of research in practice, orientations of science education in the community, professional development, social justice and inclusive science education, international service)

(e)  current and active NARST membership of at least 10 years

The award, which will honor and recognize the contributions of NARST members, will simultaneously provide opportunities for NARST members to engage in service to NARST and the broader science education community, and education community more broadly through (a) NARST Fellows Society (b) Mentoring (c) Advisory Roles, and (d) Fellows Award Program Committee.

Nomination Process

We encourage you to nominate a qualified colleague for this prestigious award. The nominee should be and have demonstrated

  • A current and active member of NARST for a minimum of 10 continuous years
  • Consistent attendance and participation at NARST conferences
  • Significant and excellence in contributions to science education research
  • Significant and excellence in service to NARST, the profession, and science education community

The nomination is a two-phase process:

Round 1: 

  • The nominator must write a two-page letter of nomination addressing the selection criteria. 
  • Append a 10-page abbreviated CV of the nominee with the letter (submit as one pdf document).
  • Submit the document to the Chair/Co-Chair of the NARST Fellows program.

Due: October 2, 2020

The materials will be reviewed by the NARST Fellows Program committee. After review, nominees may be invited to submit additional information.

Round 2: 

If invited to submit a complete nomination package, the nominee will submit the following additional information: 

  • A statement of Research and Service (max: 3 pages) written by the nominee
  • Two additional letters of support discussing the contributions of the nominee to the science education community (A letter writer may write only one letter of support for the nomination)
  • Submit as one pdf document

Criteria for Selection

Research Criteria 

  • Evidence of an active and sustained research program
  • Engaging important and urgent questions that respond to 21st century science education 
  • Application of research in practice
  • Peer reviewed publications 
  • Impact of Research 

Service Criteria 

  • Service to NARST 
  • Service to local, national and global communities 
  • Collaboration with schools and/or community organizations 
  • Professional development in schools, community organizations (funded vs. unfunded)
  • Evidence of social justice and inclusive mission for science education

Please send your nomination packages to the Chair of the Committee, Jomo Mutegi (jmutegi@iupui.edu). Nominations are due October 2, 2020. 

Noemi Waight

NARST Board Liaison, On Behalf of the Awards Committee