Annual Conference Teacher/Informal Educator Scholarships

Annual Conference Teacher/Informal Educator Scholarships

The Publication Advisory Committee (PAC) offers a total of nine scholarships to support attendance of classroom teachers or informal science educators at the NARST 2023 Annual Conference. The NARST classroom teacher/informal educator scholarships have been established to affirm NARST’s commitment to connecting research and practice in science education. The scholarships will financially support K-12 science teachers and informal science educators, who collaborate with NARST members on research projects, to participate in and present research papers at the NARST annual conference.

We encourage NARST members to include classroom teachers and informal educators as proposal co-authors for the 2023 Annual Conference. Conference proposals are due Aug 15th, 2022. Calls for the NARST 2023 Teacher/Informal Educator Scholarships will be opened after proposal acceptance decisions.

Who is eligible to get the scholarships?

Science teachers and informal science educators from any country are eligible to receive the NARST Teacher/Informal Educator Scholarships, on the following conditions:

  • The teacher/educator should be currently practicing at the elementary or secondary level or in informal science education at the time of the 2023 NARST Annual Conference.
  • The teacher should be actively working together or have worked together, with one or more NARST members, in a research project. The project should be ongoing or have a completion date not earlier than March 2023.
  • A presentation (in any format) about this project must have been accepted for inclusion in the program of the 2023 NARST Annual Conference. The teacher/educator may either be a first author or collaborating author on the paper to be presented.
  • Preference will be given to teachers/educators (a) who are first authors of the paper to be presented and (b) those who have not received a scholarship in previous years. Financial need will also be considered.