NARST Fellows Program

NARST Fellows Program

The NARST Awards Committee is pleased to announce that we are now accepting nominations for the 2025 NARST Fellows Program.  

The deadline for submission of completed nomination packages has been extended to August 31, 2024.


The goal of the Fellows Program is to recognize accomplished scholars who will be part of a cohort of scholars that contribute toward fostering a sense of pride and community in the NARST organization. NARST Fellows are accomplished scholars and community members whose scholarship, service, and leadership activities contribute to and advance the NARST community and the field. The Fellows Program highlights and celebrates accomplished scholars representing a diversity of racial, linguistic, gender, and other identities, from around the world and from various epistemological traditions. The program also aims to acknowledge the scholars’ presence and commitment to advancing the mission of NARST within and beyond the organization.

NARST Fellows are active members of the NARST community. It is expected that NARST Fellows will continue to contribute and advance science education through their varied research, service, and leadership. The Fellows are expected to work collectively to build a fellowship within the NARST and science education community.

Who is a NARST Fellow? 

To be eligible for recognition as a NARST Fellow, members must meet the following selection criteria: 

  • Current and active NARST membership of at least 10 years, or with a justifiable gap in sustained membership
  • Evidence of sustained leadership and service to NARST
  • Evidence of sustained leadership and service in science education (e.g., service and leadership through collaborations with schools and other community organizations, application of research in practice, mentoring of junior scholars, deep engagement and partnership with the community to improve science education, professional development, social justice and inclusive science education, international service)
  • Evidence of sustained research and impact in science education (e.g., development and pursuit of new lines of work, illumination of novel areas of inquiry, robust dissemination)

How are NARST Fellows Selected?

We encourage you to nominate a colleague who meets the criteria above to be a NARST Fellow. The nomination package includes:

  • A 2-page letter of nomination. The letter is written by the nominator addressing the selection criteria. A nominator can only nominate one person per cycle. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • A 10-page abbreviated CV of the nominee.
  • A statement (max: 3 pages) by the nominee that describes the work of the nominee. The statement should describe how the nominee’s work addresses the criteria stated above.
  • Two additional letters of support discussing the contributions of the nominee’s work (a letter writer may write only one letter of support for the nominee and the letter is up to 2-pages).
  • A signed statement by the nominee acknowledging compliance with the NARST Code of Ethical Conduct, which should say: "I hereby represent that (a) I have read, am familiar with and believe that I meet the eligibility requirements for the award for which I am under consideration; (b) I have not been finally determined by an appropriate body to have engaged in conduct which would constitute a violation of Sections B. (including without limitation plagiarism and scientific misconduct) or D. (including without limitation unlawful harassment or discrimination) of the NARST Code of Ethical Conduct; and (c) I have not knowingly violated any aspect of the NARST Code of Ethical Conduct."

The nominator should submit all of the above as one pdf document via email to the Chair and Co-Chair of the NARST Fellows Sub-committee, Enrique (Henry) Suárez ( and Lezly Taylor (

Kindly note that current elected Board members, except for the graduate student representative, are not eligible for receiving awards or for being considered for the Fellows Program during tenure on the Board.