In this section, you'll find information about special events held outside of the Annual International Conference, including:

Virtual Events Initiative

Virtual events are defined as any event that is offered as either a recorded, synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid (e.g. synchronous/asynchronous) format. These events may include symposia, town halls, webinars, workshops, short courses, or other related activities that occur outside of the dates of the annual conference. 

It is our hope that a variety of NARST Series will develop over time, serving to engage members and nonmembers in critical conversations and productive scholarly activities throughout the year. The current NARST Series options are:

  • Presidential Series – planned by current NARST President
  • Committee Series – planned by one or more NARST Committees
  • RIG/Strand Series – related to a specific RIG or strand topic
  • Research to Practice Series – focused on translating research into practice
  • Town Hall – opportunity for membership to discuss and interact around an issue
  • Other

Presidential Webinar Series

This series is part of the Virtual Events initiative to engage the NARST and science education community in productive, stimulating, and forward-thinking virtual events throughout the year. This webinar series offers scholars opportunities to participate in critical discussion about research, vision, and action around a central topic.