Presidential Webinar Series

Presidential Webinar Series

This series is part of the Virtual Events initiative to engage the NARST and science education community in productive, stimulating, and forward-thinking virtual events throughout the year. This webinar series offers scholars opportunities to participate in critical discussion about research, vision, and action around a central topic.

Inaugural Presidential Webinar

Disrupting the image of who can be a scientist: What does inclusion look like?  What should inclusion look like?
October 6, 2021

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  • Terrell Morton, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, US
  • Emily MacLeod, PhD student, UCL Institute of Education, London, England
  • Scott Cohen, PhD student, Georgia State University, US
  • Katerina Pia Günter, PhD student, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Discussant: Dr. Lucy Avraamidou, University of Gronigen, Netherlands

This session highlights the critical work of four early career scholars who engage in research toward science identity development that promotes inclusivity, equity, and representation within the community of science. Our aim is to push the conversation towards disrupting the image of who can be a scientist by asking: Who is invited? Who does the inviting? What does inclusion look like? What should inclusion look like? Who decides? How can our scholarship disrupt the community toward inclusivity and promote science identity development? Essential questions were critically examined and discussed.