Research Matters — to the Science Teacher

Research Matters - to the Science Teacher is a collection of brief, research-based issue papers developed by NARST members for the science teaching community. The original articles appeared between 1985 and 1998.  


Metacognitive Strategies to Help Students Learning How to Learn  (1998) Joseph D. Novak

Science Literacy: Lessons from the First Generation   (1998)  Marlene M. Hurley

Creating a Multicultural Learning Environment in Science Classrooms   (1997)  Alejandro J. Gallard

How Research Helps Address Gender Equity  (1997) Jane Butler Kahle & Arta Damnjanovic

The Learning Cycle Approach To Science Instruction  (1997)  Michael R. Abraham

Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Teachers' Integration of Subject Matter, Pedagogy, Students, and Learning Environments  (1997) Kathryn F. Cochran

When are Science Projects Learning Opportunities?   (1997)  Marcia C. Linn & Helen C. Clark

Adolescents' Motivation, Behavior and Achievement in Science (1996)  Ann C. Howe

Constructivism and the Learning Cycle  (1996)  William C. Robertson

A Female Friendly Science Classroom   (1996)  Dale R. Baker

Using Research to Improve the Quality of Classroom Discussions   (1996)  J. Nathan Swift, C. Thomas Gooding, & Patricia R. Swift

Definition and Assessment of the Higher Order Cognitive Skills  (1990) Audrey B. Champagne

The Role of Laboratory in Science Teaching  (1990) Patricia E. Blosser

The Science Process Skills (1990)  Michael J. Padilla

Improving Students' Understanding of the Nature of Science  (1990)  Norman Lederman

Using Questions in Science Classrooms   (1990)  Patricia E. Blosser

Authentic Science: What Do Students Believe?  (1986)  Glen S. Aikenhead

Changing and Measuring Attitudes in the Science Classroom  (1989)  Thomas R. Koballa

Enhancing Learning Through Conceptual Change Teaching  (1989)  William C. Kyle & James A. Shymansky

Using Inquiry Laboratory Strategies in College Science Courses   (1989)  William H. Leonard

Teaching for Gender Difference  (1988)  Dale Baker

Problem Solving in Chemistry  (1986)  Dorothy Gabel

Encouraging Girls in Science Courses and Careers  (1985)  Jane Butler Kahle

Encouraging Student/Student Interaction   (1985)  Roger T. Johnson & David W. Johnson


Dates are unknown for the following articles

Authentic Science Teaching  Glen S. Aikenhead

Computer-Based Technology in College Science Laboratory Courses  William H. Leonard

Constructivism as a Referent for Science Teaching  Anthony Lorsbach & Kenneth Tobin

Guide to Assessing, Selecting, and Using Science Textbook Visuals   William G. Holliday

Microcomputer-Based Laboratories in the Science Classroom  Joseph S. Krajcik

Teaching Conceptual Understanding to Promote Students' Ability to do Transfer Problems   William C. Robertson

Using Textbooks for Meaningful Learning in Science   Sarah L. Ulerick