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Research Briefs are one page overviews of an article published in JRST.   Each Research Brief includes an introduction, a summary of the essential findings of the original article, and a takeaway message.  Click on the Download PDF or View in Browser links to read the Research Brief.  For the original articles, please refer to the article citation. 

The most recent Research Briefs are included below.  For Research Briefs from previous years, select the year below.  

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How Students Use Mass Balance Reasoning to Understand Biological Phenomena
Emily E. Scott, Jack Cerchiara, Jenny L. McFarland, Mary Pat Wenderoth, Jennifer H. Doherty
JRST Vol. 60 (1), pp 63-99 (2023)
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Declining Interest in Science in Lower Secondary School – Teaching Quality Maintains Interest
Lena Steidtmann, Thilo Kleickmann, Mirjam Steffensky
JRST Vol. 60 (1), pp 63-99 (2023)
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New Science Teachers Making Sense of Equity and Excellence in their Teaching
Maria Varelas, David Segura, Marcela Bernal-Munera, Carole Mitchener
JRST Vol. 60 (1), pp 196-233 (2023)
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AP Credit and Student Success in Early University Science Courses
Christian Fischer, Eben Witherspoon, Ha Nguyen, Yanan Feng, Stefano Fiorini, Paulette Vincent-Ruz, Chris Mead, William Nicholas Bork Rodriguez, Rebecca L. Matz, Christian Schunn
JRST Vol. 60 (2), pp 304-329 (2023)
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Effect of design-based learning on achievement in K-12 education: A meta-analysis
Ibrahim Delen & Sedat Sen
JRST Vol. 60 (2), pp 330-356 (2023)
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Prioritizing Emotion Objects in Making Sense of Student Learning of Socioscientific Issues
Jessica S. C. Leung, Maurice M. W. Cheng
JRST Vol. 60 (2), pp 357-389 (2023)
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Exploring Chinese High School Students’ Performance and Perceptions of Scientific Argumentation by Understanding it as a Three-Component Progression of Competencies
Jinglu Zhang; William J. Browne
JRST Vol. 60 (4), pp 847-889 (2023)
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Why do some students pursue a chemistry degree and others do not?
Louise Archer, Becky Francis, Julie Moote, Emma Watson, Morag Henderson, Henriette Holmegaard, Emily MacLeod
JRST Vol. 60 (5), pp 978-1013 (2023)
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Promoting Equity through Assessments in Secondary Science Classrooms
Hosun Kang, Hamideh Talafian, Paul Tschida
JRST Vol. 60 (5), pp 1053-1091 (2023)
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Engagement with Socioscientific Issues: Five Types of Students
Lida T. Klaver, Juliette H. Walma van der Molen, Patrick H. M. Sins, Laurence J. F. Guérin
JRST Vol. 60 (5), pp 1053-1091 (2023)
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Teachers Learn to Integrate Computational Thinking into Data Practices
Erin Peters-Burton, Peter J. Rich, Anastasia Kitsantas, Stephanie Stehle, & Laura Laclede
JRST Vol. 60 (6), pp 1353-1384 (2023)
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