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Research Briefs are one page overviews of an article published in JRST.   Each Research Brief includes an introduction, a summary of the essential findings of the original article, and a takeaway message.  Research Briefs can be downloaded from this page. For the original articles, please refer to the article citation. 

Development of a questionnaire on teachers' knowledge of language as an epistemic tool
Gavin W. Fulmer; Jihyun Hwang; Chenchen Ding; Brian Hand; Jee K. Suh; William Hansen
JRST Vol. 58 (4), pp 459 -490 (2021)
Research Brief

“Anybody can do science if they’re brave enough”: Understanding the role of science capital in science majors’ identity trajectories into and through post-secondary science
Allison Gonsalves, Alexandre Cavalcante, Emily Sprowls, & Hailey Iacono
JRST Vol. 58 (8), pp 1117 -1151 (2021)
Research Brief

Forms of participation in an engineering maker-based inquiry in physics
Shulamit Kapon, Maayan Schvartzer, Tal Peer
JRST Vol. 58 (s), pp 249-281 (2021)
Research Brief

Supporting students’ meaningful engagement in scientific modeling through epistemological messages: A case study of contrasting teaching approaches
Li Ke; Christina V. Schwarz
JRST Vol. 58 (3), pp 335-365 (2021)
Research Brief

Complex influences of mechanistic knowledge, worldview, and quantitative reasoning on climate change discourse: Evidence for ideologically motivated reasoning among youth
Lynne Zummo; Brian Donovan; K.C. Busch
JRST Vol. 58 (1), pp 95-127 (2021)
Research Brief



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