The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team


Jerome Shaw (2026)
University of California, Santa Cruz / WestEd
Jennifer Adams (2027)
University of Calgary
 Immediate Past-President
Jomo Mutegi (2025)
Old Dominion University
Brooke Whitworth (2026)
Clemson University

Executive Board Members

 Amelia Wenk Gotwals (2025)
Michigan State University
Liaison to Awards Committee
 Sharon Nelson-Barber (2025)
Liaison to Equity and Ethics Committees
 Patrick Enderle (2026)
Georgia State University
Liaison to Social Media, Website, and Communications Committee
 S. Selcen Guzey (2026)
Purdue University
Liaison to the Membership Committee
 Shiang-Yao Liu (2026)
National Taiwan Normal University
Liaison to the Publications and Advisory Committee
 Heba EL-Deghaidy (2027)
American University in Cairo
Liaison to the Elections Committee
 Kristin Gunckel (2027)
University of Arizona
Liaison to the External Policy and Relations Committee
 Meredith Park Rogers (2027)
Indiana University
Liaison to the Research Committee


 Graduate Student Coordinator
Jennifer M. Bateman (2025)
Clemson University
 NARST Liaison to NSTA
Carla Zembal-Saul (2027)
Penn State University
 International Coordinator
Mercy Ogunsola-Bandele (2025)
National Open University Of Nigeria

JRST Editors

 Felicia Moore Mensah (2025)
Teachers College, Columbia University
 Troy D. Sadler (2025)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Staff and Support

 Executive Director
Mackenzie Kelley
Management HQ


Management HQ Team
Amy Sellheim, Events Manager
Mike Swan, Membership Manager
Rachel Gaul, Client Services Coordinator
Elise Gumm, Marketing Communications Coordinator
Aspen Axelman, Controller
Dara Rudick, Management HQ CEO


  Website Editor
Conference Program and Data Coordinator
Paul F. Kemp