2021 Virtual Conference Networking and Social Sessions

2021 Virtual Conference Networking and Social Sessions

Together Around the Globe Concurrent Sessions

April 8th at 3:30 – 5:30 pm Eastern

Aikido - (and Physics!) Inspired Breathing, Balance, Stretching, and Movement (duration: 30 min)

We will spend our time together learning and practicing a series of movements we can use to help our bodies and minds prepare for or unwind from too much computer time. Combining movements from Aikido (a Japanese Martial Art), understandings from physics, and some ideas from Tai Chi, we will focus on necks, shoulders, backs, and wrists in particular, but we will also do whole body movements to reconnect with our bodies and help us move more comfortably. We will also do some focused breathing. No experience, ability, or equipment necessary - all are welcome. Looking forward to seeing you on the (virtual) mat!

CADASE Graduate Student Fireside Chat: Navigating Academe with Success (duration: 60 min)

The goal of this session is to support doctoral candidates and newly minted graduates with securing careers in the academy. Panelists include early career scholars who will discuss their experiences navigating the academic job market.

The CADASE Social: Intriguing Scenes from Movies and TV Shows (duration: 45 min)

The CADASE Steering Committee will feature members of the CADASE RIG to facilitate the engagement of informal conversations around movies and TV shows that have entertained and intrigued us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Knitting Circle - all levels welcome (duration: 60 min)

Wouldn't it be great to just sit and knit? Bring your own yarn and needles - this session will gather knitters new and experienced to create the community that is built when we learn and create together. New knitters can pick up some tips on casting on, and simple stockinette stitches, while experienced knitters can swap ideas and techniques.

Learning science in the schoolyard - centering equity (duration: 60 min)

Come gather with other researchers and practitioners interested in outdoor learning at school. Hear about others’ work and share ways in which we can work towards more equitable experiences in the schoolyard. Topics include place-based instruction, building educator capacity, and the impact of remote learning in the pandemic. Bring some tea or coffee and meet new colleagues!

Let's Escape Together! (duration: 60 min)

Need to escape from your reality for a little while? We will divide up in pairs to try a virtual escape style experience. It's freely available online and partners can simply call each other to communicate. If you escape with time to spare, we can chat about the value of escape experiences for STEM education or we can just celebrate your epic escapes!

NSF Funding Programs and More (duration: 120 min)

In this session, NSF program officers will describe various funding opportunities in formal and informal STEM education, undergraduate and graduate STEM education, as well as CAREER for junior faculty.  They will also describe the standard proposal review process and the merit review criteria.  Much time will be for Q&A on various topics ranging from writing competitive proposals, to volunteering to be a proposal reviewer, managing funded programs, and working at NSF as a rotating and permanent program officer.  The session will consist of both formal presentations and informal discussion. Pending the interests of attendees and availability of technology, break-out rooms may also take place.

NARST Fellows Award Program (duration: 45 min)

This session will introduce and celebrate NARST's first named Fellow(s). The Fellow(s) will have an opportunity to briefly share their work and engage with a vision for developing the NARST Fellows Community. In addition, this session will also provide a forum for the NARST community to learn more about the award program.

NARST Has Talent: An April FARSE (duration: 45 min)

A digital reincarnation of FARSE, this year's "Talent" show will feature a competition of creative 3-minute video products competing for "likes" to make it into the final online showcase sent out via the NARST listserv.  A farcical look at academic life through the eyes of our members in the context of COVID-19, pets, children, backyard activities, new hobbies, exercise, musical ventures, and academic pursuits. This session will be a 45-minute audience participation session, featuring approximately 10-12 video entries.

"PeTagogy": Meeting pets of NARST members (duration 30 min)

PeTagogy is an informal 30-minute session for NARST members to introduce their pets. Pets include loving dogs, grumpy cats, chickens, horses, lizards, and all the exotic pets one can have! Live pet introductions are encouraged, but pictures and short videos are accepted to show during this live session.

April 9th at 8:30 – 9:30 am Eastern

Art-based social meet-up (duration: 30 min)

This is a short informal session where we can get to know each other in a different way. In the session I will give a brief introduction of art-based-methods and we will then engage in an exercise. The idea is to use art-based methods to experiment with getting to know each other in a fun way despite the distance.

Drop Your Research/Theory/Test tube like it's Hot (duration: 60 min)

This session will provide a space for informal community building. It will involve a jam session that will feature an eclectic musical lineup from all over the world. The goal here is to provide a space to connect with other NARST members, decompress, and dance the time away. Since the act of dancing is related to spatial awareness, raises the heart rate, and results in the release of endorphins, we hypothesize that dancing in community will inform positive vibes for NARST'ers.

April 9th at 3:15 – 5:30 pm Eastern

Among Us Scholars (duration: 60 min)

Participants for this session will play the video game "Among us".

Enjoying or enduring the process of tenure during the COVID-19 pandemic (duration: 60 min)

This general session is open to all non-tenure, tenure-track professors and postdoctoral fellows. The goals are 1) to socialize and get to know others who are in the tenure process, 2) to use discourse to ease our pent-up stress and emotions, and 3) to amuse, uplift, share, and guide each other on ways to fulfill this self-enamored milestone, which we all hope to achieve. Lastly, it will provide a networking opportunity for collaborative work for those with similar interests.

Informal Music Sharing/Jamming Networking (duration: 60 min)

The session will start by networking fellow musicians within the NARST community. We will discuss common musical interests and any instruments we play (including vocals). This could lead to collaborations between annual meetings that could lead to fun live performances and or/ sing-a-longs at annual meetings.  At the session, if time permits, we might even jam a little.

Mindfulness Practices for Stress Relief and Self Care in the Time of COVID (duration: 90 min)

Organizer: Paula Huffman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Program on Integrative Medicine

This Mindfulness workshop will:

  • Develop strategies for using Mindfulness Techniques that can be practiced anywhere, anytime.
  • Practice techniques that help to cultivate the ability to respond from a calmer baseline to daily life events.
  • Learn ways to slow the ruminating mind, thereby decreasing catastrophic thinking and its effect on our overall well-being.
  • Enhance stress resiliency as we develop techniques for intentionally focusing on positive and pleasurable life events.