Equity and Ethics Committee, Jan 2016

Equity and Ethics Committee, Jan 2016

Committee Chairs
Jerome Shaw and Nam-Hwa Kang 
Equity and Ethics Committee Co-Chairs

The Equity and Ethics (E&E) Committee would like to take this opportunity to share our plans for the upcoming NARST 2016 Annual International Conference in Baltimore. As you may know, the conference theme is “Toward Equity and Justice: Many Different Voices, Cultures, and Languages in Science Education Research for Quality Science Learning and Teaching.” We are inspired by the many connections between this theme and our work, as can be seen in the session descriptions below.

Pre-Conference Workshop

This annual workshop is designed for scholars of color and individuals interested in scholarship involving equity and social justice in science education. Mirroring that of the 2016 conference, the theme for next year’s pre-conference workshop is “Toward Equity & Justice: Scientific Literacy as a Human Right” (see description below). Participation in this workshop is free but do register in advance to secure a space.

Session Description: With the population that science education is met with continually diversifying, the need to explore new research methods and theories based on these modes of difference is pertinent in moving forward with the civic-minded initiatives supporting ‘Scientific Literacy for All.’ This year participants will engage deeply and constructively with the call for science education to be seen as a civic-minded process and confront the need for scientific literacy as a human rights initiative. Discussions by leading scholars will expound both the benefits and limitations of scientific literacy as articulated in the literature as of yet. Workshop participants will engage in roundtable and panel discussions facilitated by eminent scholars with varied research interests in science education. Sharing their experiences of scientific literacy, human rights, and their impact on research, practice, and policies within equity and social justice initiatives, participants will reflect on what constitutes quality science teaching and learning and for whom it does the most benefit. 

New Scholars Symposium

 The E&E Committee sponsors this annual interactive poster session for the previous year’s Basu scholars. The fifteen recipients of 2015 Basu Scholars Awards have been invited to present exciting and compelling research that engages in the conference theme, Toward Equity and Justice: Many Different Voices, Cultures, and Languages in Science Education Research for Quality Science Learning and Teaching. The scholars bring diverse educational perspectives that will shape science education, and they present new approaches to help us understand challenges and successes of science teachers, students, and programs.

E&E Committee Sponsored Session

 At the 2016 conference, the E&E Committee will sponsor a symposium titled “Diversity and Equity in Science Education: Voices from Across the Globe” (see description below). This session will include a renowned international set of panelists from Israel, Luxembourg, Nigeria, South Korea, and the USA.

Session Description: As science increasingly makes a huge impact on major concerns in the world – such as human health, food production, clean water, and economic development – it is critical that we have a world of citizens who can use their science knowledge and skills to make informed choices relevant to everyday life, and to make the world a better place by engaging in STEM-related careers if they so choose. With Globalization, efforts such as education the world over are experiencing rising diversity and consequently facing issues associated equity. While there is an established body of research on diversity and equity around the world, there has been limited discussion of how such issues manifest and are addressed in science education in multiple international contexts. We will explore this topic, exploring similarities and differences and generating ideas for a collaborative international research program where knowledge and insights are shared and further developed.

Social Action Project: Book Drive

 Building on the success of the first two book drives, E&E Committee members are organizing a similar social action project with Baltimore area public schools in conjunction with the 2016 NARST Conference. Check the NARST website closer to the conference date for an official announcement. We look forward to your participation!

Equity Dinner: Cruise Baltimore Harbor!

Based on the extremely positive response to last year’s event on Lake Michigan, the E&E Committee is pleased to announce that it has arranged another dinner cruise for the 2016 NARST conference. Next spring we will cruise Baltimore harbor aboard the Spirit of Baltimore (http://www.spiritcruises.com/baltimore) on Saturday evening, April 16th. Space is limited so be sure to purchase your ticket when you register for the 2016 conference.

We thank all E&E Committee members as well as the NARST members and staff who are working to make the above events happen. We look forward to seeing you at one or more of them in Baltimore!


Jerome Shaw & Nam-Hwa Kang

Co-Chairs, Equity and Ethics Committee

Equity & Ethics Committee Members

  • Sanghee Cho
  • Brian Fortney
  • Enrique Lopez
  • Rhea Miles
  • Deb Morrison
  • Mercy Ogunsola-Bandele
  • Deniz Saribas
  • Leon Walls
  • Francesca White