Research Committee, Jan 2016

Research Committee, Jan 2016

Jomo Mutegi, Chair
Jomo Mutegi 
Research Committee Chair

The Research Committee is excited to share the following news related to its various functions and responsibilities.

Sandra K. Abell Institute for Doctoral Students (SKAIDS)

 The Sandra K. Abell Institute for Doctoral Students (SKAIDS) was held this past summer (July 12 – July 17, 2015) at the University of Colorado Boulder. The four-day residential experience, led by Joe Polman and Erin Furtak, focused on research-practice partnerships.

Be sure to attend the “Sandra K. Abell Institute for Doctoral Students – Poster Session” at the 2016 NARST Conference in Baltimore, MD! To learn more about the 2015 SKAIDS visit


Pre-Conference Workshops at the 2016 NARST Annual Meeting

For the 2016 NARST international conference in Baltimore, the Research Committee has selected 4 very strong pre-conference workshops that address a variety of important topics.

  1. Supporting the Success of Latin@ Scholars in Science Education.
    Alejandro Gallard, Alberto Rodriguez, Katemari Rosa, María Araceli Ruiz Primo, Regina Suriel, & Ingrid Sánchez-Tapia
  2. Videocase-based, Analysis-of-Practice for Teacher and Student Learning: How To’s from a 10-year Line of Research.
    Jody Bintz, Chris Wilson, Kathy Roth, Molly Stuhlsatz, Connie Hvidsten, & Betty Stennett
  3. Science and Art-Research for Creativity and Inclusion.
    Nathan Carnes , Eddie Goldstein, Emily Hestness, Phyllis Katz, Holly Walter Kerby, J. Randy McGinnis, Lucinda Presley, Robert Root-Bernstein, & Harvey Seifert
  4. Building an Equity-Focused Knowledge Base for NGSS by Fostering Partnerships between Research and Practice.
    Philip Bell , Bill Penuel, Peter McLaren, Dan Gallagher, Tammy Clegg, & June Ahn


Make sure you sign up early for the workshop that best fits your interests!


NARST Sponsored Sessions at NSTA

As part of our ongoing relationship with the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), NARST members presented at NARST-sponsored sessions at area NSTA conferences in the past few months. Thank you to our colleagues who shared their research with practitioners!

2016 Area Conference in Reno, Nevada (October 22-24)

  • Me? A Scientist: A Next Generation of Students Internalizing Their Identities as Scientists

Lauren M. Shea

  • The Earthquake Engineering Game: Synthesizing Instruction and Game Design for 21st Century Science Learning

Abigail C. Perkins

2016 Area Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November 12-14)

  • Engineering Design Process Skills Coverage in K-12 Science Curricula

Vivien M. Chabalengula

  • Teaching Environmental Sustainability Using a Place-based Watershed Modeling Application

Nanette I. Marcum-Dietrich


2016 Area Conference in Kansas City, Missouri (December 3-5)

  • Impact of a Summer Institute and Instructional Coaching on Tecaher and Student Science Inquiry Practice

Gwen Nugent

  • The Derivation of an Instructional Model and Design Processes for Socioscientific Issues-based Teaching

Troy Sadler


Research Committee Administrative Session

The Research Committee has organized an Administrative Session for the 2016 NARST Conference in Baltimore, MD. The session, titled “The Role of Peer Review and Critique in Strengthening Science Education” is aimed at initiating a discussion within the NARST community about (a) the importance of peer review and critique to the advancement of our discipline, (b) the various forms that peer review takes, and (c) the hallmarks of professionalism in giving and receiving peer review.


Many thanks to the members of the Research Committee

  • Jomo Mutegi, Chair, IUPUI
  • Sarah Haines , Towson University
  • Irene Neumann , Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN)
  • Irasema Ortega , University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Laura Zangori, University of Missouri
  • Tamara Moore , Purdue University
  • Femi Otulaja , University of Witwatersrand
  • Renee Schwartz , Georgia State University
  • Susan Kowalski, BSCS
  • Mustafa S. Topcu, Yıldız Technical University
  • Ling Liang, La Salle University
  • Shiyu Liu, Pennsylvania State University
  • Joy Barnes Johnson, Princeton High School
  • Deborah Hanuscin, University of Missouri (Ex-officio)
  • John Tillotson, Syracuse University (Ex-officio)