Membership and Election Committee, July 2015

Membership and Election Committee, July 2015

Pauline Chinn
Pauline Chinn 
Committee Chair

An Elections Update


June 29, 2015, 11:59 p.m. EST is rapidly approaching.  It’s the deadline for nominators to submit completed nomination packets to Bill Kyle, NARST Executive Director.

I am sure you know NARST members who would be excellent leaders.  Please encourage them to run for leadership positions or consider running yourself. As a nominator, you will write a short letter to nominate your potential candidate (or yourself), solicit 10 supporting e-mails, collect the candidate’s Nomination Form and CV and submit these documents electronically to Bill Kyle, by June 29, 2015 by 11:59 EST.

This year we seek candidates for the following BOD positions:

  1. In-coming President
  2. International Coordinator
  3. Awards Committee
  4. External Policy and Relations Committee
  5. Research Committee

Three election documents: 1) Call for Nominations, 2) Nomination Form, and 3) Elections Rubric are available to members on the NARST website,

If you are currently a NARST committee member, for example, on the Research Committee, this section applies to you. If you are elected to serve in 2016 before the end of your three-year term, the NARST President will appoint another member to fill the position you vacate.   However, Membership and Elections Committee members will resign prior to submitting nomination documents in order to avoid any conflict of interest during the 2015-2016 elections. The NARST President will appoint another member to fill the position you vacate for the remainder of your three-year term. Just send an email stating the reason for resignation to Pauline Chinn, and NARST President Mary Atwater,

Please contact M&E Co-chairs Eileen Parsons,, Valarie Akerson,, or Pauline Chinn, if you have questions.


2015-2016 Nomination Form