Elections Committee, July 2017

Elections Committee, July 2017

Mei-Hung Chiu, NARST Immediate Past President, Elections Committee Board Liaison
Mei-Hung Chiu, 
Immediate Past President and
​​​​​Elections Committee Board
Eileen Parsons
Eileen Parsons, 
Director and Elections
Committee Board


The former Membership and Elections Committee now functions as two separate committees: Elections Committee and Membership Committee. The change became operative after the NARST 2017 Awards Luncheon. We provide a brief update from the Elections Committee.

Under the new governance function of the Board, the Board of Directors will serve as liaisons to the Elections Committee and engage in the work of Board committees with a governance focus (e.g., policies and procedures). NARST members will co-chair the Elections Committee, formerly co-chaired by Board Directors. Malcolm Butler from the University of Central Florida will serve as the lead co-chair of the Elections Committee, and Marcelle Siegel from University of Missouri will serve as co-chair. Many thanks for their willingness to contribute to NARST and its mission.


Malcolm Butler, NARST Elections Committee Lead Co-Chair
Malcolm Butler, Elections
Committee Lead Co-Chair
Marcelle Siegel, NARST Elections Committee Co-Chair
Marcelle Siegel, Elections
Committee Co-Chair


The Elections Committee is currently managing the nomination process for the 2017-2018 elections. We take great pleasure in announcing elections for leadership positions for NARST: A Worldwide Organization for Improving Science Teaching and Learning through Research. Following the NARST 2016 Bylaws (accessible on the NARST website), current members of NARST were encouraged to nominate potential candidates for three NARST Directors-at-Large and President-Elect. Elections will be held in January 2018. Thanks to everyone who helped us advance and improve NARST by soliciting the participation of dedicated and effective leaders and submitting nominations for these positions.