Two new Research Interest Groups: RAISE and APISER

Two new Research Interest Groups: RAISE and APISER

NARST is pleased to announced the creation of two new Research Interest Groups!


Research in Artificial Intelligence-Involved Science Education (RAISE)

This RAISE RIG aims at employing AI to extend the landscape of science education, increase the capacity of all participants in the venture to face worldwide challenges, and significantly address the equity and ethical problems in the world broadly. This RIG will (a) support cutting-edge innovations using AI to address learning, teaching, assessment, equity and policy issues in science education; (b) communicate the cutting-edge research involving AI to all researchers, practitioners, and policymakers; and (c) encourage junior scholars in the field to pursue AI innovations within science education research as it is broadly practiced.

Chair:  Xiaoming Zhai, University of Georgia,

Co-Chair: Kent J. Crippen, University of Florida,

Asian and Pacific Islander Science Education Research (APISER)

We are very excited to inform you that the NARST Executive Board has approved a new RIG,  Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Science Education Research. We ask for your support and invite you to join our first RIG meeting at the 2022 conference!

The API RIG will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in science education research using the lenses relevant to Asian and pacific islander cultures, ethnicities, gender, and class, as well as the intersections of these markers. It will also serve as an intellectual network to support and mentor current and future Asian and Pacific Islander scholars within and outside of the United States, including NARST members interested in API related research endeavors.

We look forward to seeing you and working together!

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Ling Liang,

Dr. Xiufeng Liu,